ASK’s Great Room theater is available for rehearsal rentals for members. Click here for details.

The Arts Society of Kingston proudly introduces our new Great Room for the Arts to our members and to the community at large. In keeping with the history of 97 Broadway as the social center for three synagogues, and later as a city-owned community center, ASK has designed the Great Room to accommodate many types of arts related performances, as well as community and public events. The Great Room will certainly be used for theater, music performances, and spoken word events, but also for public meetings, receptions, private parties and celebrations, and even weddings and catered events. The key word is flexibility, and we foresee a wide range of uses for this space.

To that end, the ASK Board has created a simple rental schedule that will accommodate a wide range of events at modest cost. We hope to receive many inquiries for the use of our space from our membership and from the wider community. Please note that a discount for the use of our spaces is one significant benefit of membership in ASK. Please join us today, and contact us to schedule an event!

Use the form to the right to inquire about availability and rates.

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