ASK is pleased to present Poetic License in collaboration with Poetry Barn. We had a virtual opening with readings from poets and discussion from the artists:

Each piece in this exhibition was inspired by a poem. Click on an image below to view the works. Some of the poems are available to listen from this site, there will be a play button below the images. If you would like to purchase a work email us at

ASK is committed to supporting both the arts and our local artists even while our physical galleries cannot be open. If you are interested and able, consider donating to us so that we can fulfill this commit to community or becoming a member of ASK.

POETIC LICENSE – click an image to begin the slideshow, scroll down for individual pieces and audio recordings


Denise Giardullo & Tamara Neeley

Thin Walls by Denise Giardullo & Thin Walls by Tamara Neeley

Matt Maley & Harry Posner

The Beats by Matt Maley & the beats by Harry Posner

Barbara Esmark & Timna Jahoda Kligler

S Who Was Feeling Treacherous by Barbara Esmark & Alphabet by Timna Jahoda Kligleri

Cornelia DeDona & Jen Karetnick

Coconut Raft by Cornelia DeDona & Play, with Foreign Object by Jen Karetnick

Daniel Venture & Pamela Brown

blazon by Daniel Venture & blazon turquaz by Pamela Brown

Brent Felker & Eric Odynocki

Approaching Dusk by Brent Felker & Noctiphobia by Eric Odynocki

Angela Gaffney-Smith & Cindy Rinne

Flower Spine by Angela Gaffney-Smith and Whispered Steps by Cindy Rinne

Barbara Esmark & Sarah Sarai

An Interrogatory by Barbara Esmark & An Interrogatory by Sarah Sarai

Lynn Margileth & Partick Karl Curley

Three Crows, One Portrait by Lynn Margileth & Self Portrait on a Bad Day by Partick Karl Curley

Isabel Cotelro & Ruth McArthur

Corvus Corax by Ruth McArthur and Amores Curvos by Isabel Cotarelo

Andrea Park & MM Cliggett Reynolds

Angel of Montrepose by Andrea Park and World by MM Cliggett Reynolds

Barbara Johnston & Lissa Kiernan

Phoenix hatching by Barbara Johnston & The Dippers by Lissa Kiernan

Camille Fischer & Kristin Holt-Browning

How Else We Might Breathe by Camille Fischer & Are We Rivers or Mountains? by Kristin Holt-Browning

Anita Estes & Charlene Stegman Moskal

Bridging the Wallkill by Anita Estes and Wallkill by Charlene Stegman Moskal

Elaine Ralston & Juan Pablo Mobili

Summer Music by Elaine Ralston & Summer Music by Juan Pablo Mobili

Marjorie Magid & Judith Lechner

World On Water by Marjorie Magid & World On Water by Judith Lechner

Pam Krimsky & Phyllis Capello

The World Now by Pam Krimsky & Mythology News by Phyllis Capello

Diane Jones Godfrey & Susana H. Case

Elegy to Malcolm by Diane Jones Godfrey & Archie Shepp’s Jazz Song by Susana H. Case

Stacie Flint & M.A. Scott

The Beauty Slave’s Quest For Serenity by Stacie Flint & Beauty, little sister by M.A. Scott

Stacie Flint & Susan Tepper

Transport To Glamour by Stacie Flint & Daisy by Susan Tepper

Terry Haas & Nylah Lyman

Making A Field by Terry Haas & Making A Field by Nylah Lyman

Terry Murray & Lisa St. John

Un Retablo Para Un Amor Perdido (A Devotional Box For A Love Lost) by Terry Murray & Día de los Muertos by Lisa St. John

Linda Lynton & John Stevenson

Some Of The Silence Is Me by Linda Lynton & a deep gorge by John Stevenson